Month: October 2013

A Roarin’ Great Cause! by Renee McMahon

     As our Great Gatsby Gala & Auction has approached, I have repeatedly been asked the same two questions. I’ll address those questions here in hopes that the answers will encourage a few more locals to attend this weekend!      First of all, the ladies all want to know what to wear. Yes,…
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Translating English…into English, by Christopher Blair

     I think it is very important for actors of all ages to understand exactly what they are saying, be it a foreign language, Shakespearean prose, or 19th Century topsy-turvy English.  I can’t tell you how many adult actors I have worked with who were merely reciting their lines, but truly had no idea…
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Behind the Web, by Carmel Cowart

Terrific! Radiant! Humble! Some Pig!      That’s right folks, Charlotte’s Web opens this Friday, October 18th! In honor of tech week (that’s what we call the last week before the show opens), I thought it’d be nice to give you a closer look at all of the preparation that goes into producing a show…
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Getting the Right Fit, by David I.L. Poole

     I recently took on the task of designing some of the costumes for SCT’s upcoming Main Stage production of Disney’s Tarzan. This blog will share a little insight into this exciting process!      When designing costumes for a production there are three main factors that I consider: 1) The actors limitations; i.e.,…
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SCT Cast of Disney’s Tarzan the Musical

             Congratulations and thank you, to the many who auditioned for our Winter Main Stage production of DISNEY’S TARZAN the MUSICAL! We are really looking forward to bringing this exciting, new musical to Savannah audiences in January, 2014. Here’s a peek at our stellar cast! Porter: Jamie Keena Snipes: Len James Kerchek:…
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Behind the Curtains, by Jenn Doubleday

   As we enter the (slight) chill of October, I thought it appropriate to share a darker, more frightening tale suitable for the season. So I’m going to take you deep, deep into the belly of Savannah Children’s Theatre, past the grey curtains, past the shop, and into… THE PROP ROOM    Cue the scary…
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