Opening Night!!!, by Laura Keena

Opening Night!!!, by Laura Keena

This show.
_________THIS show.
     As improbable as it may seem, it’s not very often that you get to work on a show with which you are entirely unfamiliar.  This has been one of those experiences!  I can honestly say, working and rehearsing this show has been a challenge and a delight.  I cannot say enough how inspired and privileged I feel to be a part of this stellar group.  All aspects of the performance are firing on all cylinders: set, costumes, choreography, direction.
     Since we came back from the winter break we have been in Tarzan overdrive.  Adding elements of the set such as aerial silks, bungees, and rope walls to name a few.  The cast is totally rising to the challenge!!  I will specifically say that we have quite a few younger cast members among us, and they are kicking butt on that rope wall…trust me…it’s harder than it looks!!!
     On a more serious note, I didn’t know how touching this show could be.  I didn’t know how beautiful and universal the message of Tarzan’s story could be. I  didn’t know that songs from the show would make me laugh, smile, or tear up, rehearsal after rehearsal.  The message of this show is a timeless one: Family.  I encourage everyone to not only come to the show, but to invite a friend or a loved one to experience it with you.  It’s going to be one that will keep you thinking for a while.
     I thought about posting some pictures with this post, but I have to say, I don’t want to ruin the surprise!  Come see this show!!  (Insert whacky ape-man yell here.)


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