Drumroll, Please…

Drumroll, Please…


We are thrilled to announce the cast of our Summer 2014 Main Stage production, Dreamworks Theatrical’s SHREK the Musical!


Tony Davison, as Shrek


Samantha Cormier, as Princess Fiona


Christian Magby, as Donkey


Brandon Kaufman, as Lord Farquaad

   Kammeran Giggers – Dragon
Corbin Hernandez – Pinocchio
Ford Phillips – Big Bad Wolf / King Harold
Michelle Negley – Pig 1
Josh Holl – Pig 2
Catie Casey – Pig 3
Cat Racz – Fairy Godmother
Greg McBride – Peter Pan
Ali Wambold – Wicked Witch
Lauren Cuskar – Sugar Plum Fairy / Queen Lillian
Carmel Cowart – Ugly Duckling
Jeffrey Han – Puss in Boots
Deja Harrell – 3 Blind Mice
Laura Keena – Gingy / 3 Blind Mice
Michael Baldwin – Papa Bear
Lane McCullough – Baby Bear
JoJo Ward – Mad Hatter
Len James – Genie
Marguerite Cuquet – Red Queen
Martha White – Alice
Bailey Keith – Humpty Dumpty
Gabrielle Hanson – Elf
Finn Repella – Dwarf
Joshua Miller – Young Shrek
Lauren Baxter – Mama Ogre / Mama Bear
Chris Bass – Papa Ogre / Captain of the Guard
Emma Hohnerlein – Little Fiona
Katie James – Teen Fiona
A.C. Williams – Thelonius
Matthew White – Guard
Adam Davis – Spoon
Christiana Fecteau – Spinning Antelope
Raymond Ocasio – Little Bunny
Ensemble Knights, Guards, Skeletons, Rats, Citizens of Duloc, Happy People, Choir – Matthew Weeks, Eric Mitchell, Brennan Jones, Corey Hollinger, Tori Holcey, Morgan Jane Anderson, Nan James, Caylee McCormick, Taylor Watson, Mira Sneirson, Ami Palmer, Brianna Harvey, Carina Rae Hoelscher, Cathy Turberville, Ciara Flanders, Evelyn Darling, Gloria Rigsbee, Taylor Rigsbee, Hallie McBride, Jessica Reimer, Jessica Turberville, Julie Buzzurro, Katie McBride, Molly Bass, Morgan Hines, Samantha Hanson, Tyler Loomis, Vanessa Roman, Ally Lipp, Austin STrother, Caitlin McCarthy, Caroline Ansley, Colette Karnibad, Deandra Bernardo, Dylan Roberds, Emme Lipp, Hope Strickland, Jesseca Nivens, Julia Hameed, Kendraya Jones, Maya Poole, Meredith Dixon, Ryah Johnson, Stella Helmes, Sydnie Roberds, Rachael King, Zachary Kole

   Our warmest thanks to all who auditioned. Now let the fun begin!

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