What to Expect at the Fairytale Festival Fundraiser, by Renee McMahon

What to Expect at the Fairytale Festival Fundraiser, by Renee McMahon

When I was first given the task of turning Savannah Children’s Theatre into a Fairytale Fantasy Land, it seemed a bit daunting.  How could I envision so many themes in one event?  I needed a map, a guide, to help me begin.  So I made one!  Every magical kingdom needs a map, and our Fairytale Land is no exception.  The completed map has many different kingdoms including Pixie Hollow, Snow Castle, the Enchanted Forest, Pirate’s Cove and more!  To see the finished product you’ll have to attend (hint, hint), but here’s a photo of my first draft.

SCT Fairytale Festival map-page-001

When the children arrive, they will be given a copy of the map, a book of tickets for all of the activities, and a bag to hold their treasures and crafts they collect along the way.  While little pirates and princesses aren’t busy crafting, digging for treasure or playing in the snow (yes, snow!), they will be on the stage creating their own stories, singing and dancing with their favorite fairytale characters, or enjoying delicious treats & sweets in Pixie Hollow.

Pink Marshmallows

There truly will be something for everyone!  For those little ones that want to be a princess, they will have fun crafting a beautiful necklace and learning how to curtsy, sing and dance like a princess.  They will also have opportunities to meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, the Snow Queen and more fairy tale royalty!  Be sure to have your cameras ready!

For those not into wands, tiaras and everything pink, visit our Pirate’s Cove!  Young buccaneers will join our crew to swab the deck, toss cannonballs and dig for buried treasure.  Better follow Captain’s orders, or you’ll have to walk the plank!  Pint-sized pirates will make a loot bag to hold all the booty they find, as well as crafting a sword and a pirate hat.

pirate's wheel

     The most talked about kingdom in Fairytale Land is Snow Castle. Our black box theatre will be transformed into a frozen wonderland with snowflakes and icicles.  There will be tubs of *snow* for children to play in where boys and girls alike can try their luck at pinning the carrot on the snowman.  Children will enjoy crafts and chilly treats and meet the Snow Queen herself!

blue wands

     We can’t give away all of our surprises, so let’s suffice it to say that there is so much more to see and experience in Fairytale Land!  We hope you come explore our magical world. Where else in Savannah can you dance with pirates, sing with princesses and play in the snow in July?

     The Fairytale Festival is sure to delight children of all ages but is designed for ages 2-10. Tickets are available here or you can call our box office at 912-238-9015.  To insure the children have a special and memorable experience, we are limiting the spaces and we expect to sell out. See you at Pixie Hollow!

When: This Saturday, July 26th, 10am-12pm
How Much: Adults-$5, Children- $25.
Where: SCT in the Crossroads Shopping Center at 2160 E. Victory Drive.

Fairytale Festival poster-page-001 (1)






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