Field Trips, Yay! by Timothy Reynolds

Field Trips, Yay! by Timothy Reynolds

     The mission of Savannah Children’s Theatre is to inspire, educate and entertain!  One of the best ways that we do this is with our Let’s Put on a Play Field Trip program.  There, students from Chatham County and beyond get the opportunity to rehearse and perform an educational musical, all in just two hours!  At SCT, we encourage all students to participate and do something that perhaps they have never done before. They sing, dance and perform scenes, and by the end of the morning, they have a real theatrical experience putting on a show that is uniquely their own.

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If you can see this red curtain, say “ooooh!”

     Students arrive in the morning and are divided into smaller groups for rehearsal.  They work with an SCT Field Trip Instructor who teaches the basics of performing in a musical.  They play silly characters, sing at the top of their lungs and dance their hearts out, all while learning the curriculum chosen by their teacher.  Everyone gets a chance to perform on stage, complete with lights, props, and silly hats.  Working together, the students perform the show for their adoring fans; their teachers, parents, and chaperons!  
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Some hats are sillier than others!

     The plays that are performed are educational in nature and touch on a wide array of subjects, from U.S. History to Biology, Nutrition and Fitness to Grammar and Phonics.  Think of it like School House Rock performed by kids, for kids. We feel that its important not just to reach out to the students in terms of theatre, but also in terms of their current curriculum.  One of our favorites is Pirates from Grammar Island, where pirates go searching for grammar while battling the dreaded Grammar Pirate Curse!  (Side effects include subject/verb disagreement, and a flair for the dramatic.)  By presenting schoolwork in a fun, approachable manner, kids are able to learn while having a  great time!  Students seem to really enjoy our multi-sensory approach to learning, and with any luck, they’ll remember what they’ve been taught through rhythm and rhyme.   


   Our interactive field trips are appropriate for Pre-K to 8th grades, and shows can be tailored to suit different age groups and reading levels.  In the 2013-2014 School Year, we conducted Field Trips for over 11,000 students from 19 different school districts.  We would love to have you along so we can share our love of musical theatre with you and your students. 

     If you’re interested in booking a field trip, you can click here,  or you can contact Jenn at jenn@savannahchildrenstheatre.org.  Come play with us!  The field trip may only last two hours, but the memories will last a lifetime. 

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