Meet the Cast of…

Meet the Cast of…


   Based on the popular children’s books by Mo Willems (of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus fame), this fast-paced, super-silly musical was an instant favorite with SCT Staff and Kids.  Last night we had our first read-through of the script, and we had to wait for the cast to stop giggling before we could even move past page 5!  We laughed our way through the entire play as Elephant, Piggie, and their friends enjoyed the thrills of parties (Gerald knows parties), ping-pong, and pachyderm puns.  By far one of the silliest read-throughs we have ever seen!

So who are these silly people?  They are kids, ages 8-14, from all across Savannah, who enjoy sharing their talents with our community.  They also really want you to come see their show, playing September 25-October 4 at Savannah Children’s Theatre!

Raymond Olivia Noah Hez ReaganMolly Zoe TaylorSquirrelles       Come see these kids strut their stuff in just five weeks! (And don’t forget your party clothes!)

elephant and piggie cast


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