About Us

Why does Savannah Children’s Theatre exist? 
Our mission is to inspire, educate and entertain children and families through the experience of live theatre, both on and off the stage. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we exist to provide children with a safe and creative environment for character development by teaching appreciation for the performing arts. Our Artistic Director and each of our instructors were all involved in theatre for youth during their own adolescence, so each instructor understands personally the value of arts education from childhood, as well as the transformative power of live theatre on individuals and communities. SCT classes and camps are divided by age, not by ability, so each teacher is able to customize their classes based on the needs of the students present. Our building is uniquely designed with performance spaces suited for many styles of theatre, as well as areas for scenic building, painting, costume design, prop making, and other artistic pursuits.

What does Savannah Children’s Theatre do? 
In a world that is increasingly isolated and reliant on digital communication, Savannah Children’s Theatre provides opportunities for individuals and families to come together and enjoy the common experience of live theatre. In a culture that seems to value standardized test scores more than the mental health of its students, we encourage the unique and important artform of storytelling, which promotes creativity, empathy and community building, all of which are essential to a healthy society. With each of our three areas of focus (school field trips, after school classes and community theatre productions), SCT aims to communicate the importance of live theatre. Theatre for youth provides learning opportunities both on and off the stage, all while fostering ingenuity and joy. By regularly creating opportunities to explore theatre arts, we hope to encourage children and families to discover their talents and to understand how they contribute to the greater good.

What have we accomplished so far? 
From our launch in 2004 to the present day, our theatre field trip program Let’s Put on a Play has served over 140,000 PreK-8th grade students across Georgia and South Carolina. According to audience polls, 70% of those students experienced live theatre for the first time during those field trips. SCT after-school classes have expanded from 1 quarterly theatre class serving 28 students a year to 32 classes serving 566 students during our most recent season (2018-19). As of this writing, we have produced 114 plays and musicals for the Savannah community, involving more than 10,000 volunteer participants, ages 7-75. Visit our class page, shows page, or field trips page for more information about how you can get involved!  

What’s next?
As we continue to serve the next generation of young artists, we would like to expand our programming to include more performances for toddler-preschool age children and their families, encouraging caregivers to engage in creative play with children on a regular basis. For school-age students and their families, we are currently in the process of creating a summer season of family-friendly plays and musicals, providing weekday and weekend entertainment options for a variety of ages. We are exploring the ideas of adding a music program, expanding our circus program, and continuing to incorporate artistic disciplines that require teamwork and collaboration.

2019 Non-Profit GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency

2019-2020 Season Sponsors: The Kole Family Foundation, Inc. & Carl Pearl M.D., P.C. Interested in sponsoring a season or a show? Contact us for more information!  

Board President: LeeAnn Kole

Board Members: Chris Bass, Donna Epstein, Rich Hallman, Kayla Johnson, Amy Pierce, Geoff Repella, Joe Steffen

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