A Little Bit About Us…

_____SCT’s first event was a field trip performed in a rented ballet studio on Abercorn & DeRenne in the autumn of 2004. We held our first theatre class in the preschool room of Trinity United Methodist Church, and our first musicals, The Snow Queen and Honk!, respectively, were performed in SCAD’s Trustees Theatre.  Those first productions introduced us to many of the families that helped to establish and grow Savannah Children’s Theatre into the active community center that it is today.

_____In 2005, SCT partnered with The Studio, a local ballet school, to rent a performance space on Rowland Drive.  Our second season of classes and Kids on Stage productions were all held in this unique space where the audience had to walk through backstage to reach their seats!  Merely two years after our first board meeting, SCT found a new place to call home.  Thanks to property owner Lisa Van Dusen, we were granted the amazing opportunity to move into our current location on Victory Drive.  With the help of our amazing volunteers, donors, and staff, we began transforming the former department store into a performing arts space suitable to our needs.  In April of 2006 we presented our first play,The Velveteen Rabbit, in our new home.

SCT Storefront

_____Thanks to our ever-expanding roster of students, we divided our popular Creative Dramatics theatre class into three age groups for Pre-K, elementary and middle school students, and added our first program exclusively for teens, beginning with Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.  We also expanded our Dance for Musical Theatre program, and began SCT’s Performance Ensemble, a class for teenagers who wish to pursue theatre in college or as a career.  As our first generation of students grew up, so did we, continuing to offer more advanced performance opportunities.

_____SCT is largely run by volunteers who contribute their time and talents to ensure that our theatre can continue. Marketing, sewing, cleaning, and fundraising are just a few of the things that we depend on our amazing volunteers to do on a daily basis.  To them, the time is well-spent because they have seen the positive impact that SCT has had on their child or on a child they know.  To us, each of them is an unimaginable treasure.

_____Our upcoming 2013-2014 season has many exciting opportunities for everyone in the family.  We hope that you will help us to continue growing as we fulfill our mission statement to inspire, educate, and entertain.  Thank you for celebrating our 10th season, and thank you for helping us to make fairy tales come true.

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