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As a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we have a small staff of just three employees, around two dozen independent artists, and numerous volunteers. All of these wonderful artists are hard at work introducing young people to the joys of live theatre through three unique programs: field trips, after-school classes, and community theatre productions.  The majority of funding for these programs comes from local businesses and families in the Savannah area who have seen first-hand the incredible impact that performing arts education has on our community.

This season’s sponsors are

Without these incredibly generous sponsors, and the current members of our Annual Fund, SCT would not be able to provide the quality performing arts education and family entertainment that Savannah has come to love and cherish. Whether you would like to give of your time, talents, or resources, we welcome and encourage your support at any level.

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Not all gifts are financial, in fact, many of the most generous gifts we have received at SCT are gifts of time and talent. We are working on a more sophisticated volunteer database, which will be able to contact teams of volunteers for specific projects. Until then, please don’t be shy about lending a helping hand. Opportunities include costume design, painting, scenic construction, backstage run crew, ushering, creating & gathering props, serving concessions, playing in the orchestra, marketing, and more!

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