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Being a Theatre Mom, by LeeAnn Kole

      Water?  Check.  Snack?  Check.  Dance shoes?  Change of clothes?  Script?  Check, check, check.  I have this down now. I am a theatre mom.      I have three children, two of whom are in college majoring in…theatre!  Of course, I am a theatre mom, right?      What has thrown me for…
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Inaugural Post!

_____Congratulations! You are reading the first words of The Savannah Children’s Theatre’s new blog! Yippee! Here’s a picture to show you how excited we are to have you: _____See?! So excited. _____We are about to enter our 10th season at SCT…I know, right?! Ten years! One decade!  One-tenth of a century! I guess that last…
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