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Cast Announcement – How I Became a Pirate

Ahoy, thar, land-lubbers!  We suspect ye’ll be wantin’ ter meet the robust crew of our next Kids on Stage show, HOW I BECAME A PIRATE!  This fearsome group auditioned Tuesday last, and be gettin’ ready for a spectacular opening night just four weeks from now! Jeremy Jacob: Truman Nash Captain Braid Beard: Noah Edwards Swill: Taylor Rigsbee…
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What to Expect at the Fairytale Festival Fundraiser, by Renee McMahon

When I was first given the task of turning Savannah Children’s Theatre into a Fairytale Fantasy Land, it seemed a bit daunting.  How could I envision so many themes in one event?  I needed a map, a guide, to help me begin.  So I made one!  Every magical kingdom needs a map, and our Fairytale…
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